Reading is at the heart of what we do and the books we buy need to work hard to keep up with demand. Last year we had almost one hundred and fifty thousand books available for people to borrow and on average each adult fiction book was borrowed six times. We aim to provide our customers with the books that they want to borrow and that means we buy books across the board from huge runaway bestsellers through literary fiction to romances and classic novels.
However, as you know, you can never have enough books, and in the spirit of sharing the joy of reading, we are asking you to help us in three ways.

Buy a book

We aim to offer as wide and diverse a selection of books as possible. This sometimes means that we don’t have as many copies of popular books as we would like. We have a wish list of our most wanted books which we update every week. We have created our wish list on Amazon, but if you want to donate a book we really don’t mind where you buy it, or whether it is pre-loved, as long as it’s in tip top condition. If you chose to buy from Amazon the book will be delivered to Clifton Explore, but you can take a donation to any library in York.

Give us your pre-loved books

It really is the ultimate in recycling. If you have received a book as a gift, or bought one and want to share it after you’ve read it, we are more than happy for you to donate it to us and you can take it to any library. We do ask that the book is in mint condition so that it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. If the book is not in perfect condition we will add it to one of our regular book sales and the income will contribute to the cost of new books.

Donate a reading group set

We have more than 200 sets of books that are for the exclusive use of reading groups, both those that meet in libraries and those that meet in other venues. Our reading group sets come from a variety of sources, we buy some, some are donated to us by publishers and authors and some are donated to us by reading groups if the members have bought them. If your reading group has bought a set of books and wants to pass them on to another group, look no further. You can take them to any library in York and they will be added to our stock.