Community membership

We are owned by our members – customers, employees and local residents – who direct and support our values and principles.

Our community membership includes:

  • employees
  • and a broad selection of community members and volunteers that represent the varying needs of our community and make sure we have a strong voice in the City when it comes to culture, media and arts.

Becoming a member is really easy!

Community membership is available for anyone aged 16 years and over.

Frequently Asked Questions on Community Membership

How does someone become a community member?

They need to fill in and sign the application form. These are available at all our libraries and online. You will be signing to say you agree with our vision and objectives, which are explained in the leaflet.  Once the form is filled in they can hand it in at any library.  Libraries should forward completed forms to

The Company Secretary of Explore will be maintaining and communicating a database of members.

What does a community member get?

Every community member will receive a membership card, a welcome letter, a copy of the Rules of the Society and information about the Explore Board and Management Team within a month of joining. They will also be entitled to a Loyalty Card for our cafes, which will be renewed as and when needed.

They will receive a newsletter which will include a report from Fiona about what Explore has achieved and done.

They will also receive information about the advisory groups they can join (as they become available), and about the AGM. Members will also receive special news and invites to events as and when they take place.

Do library members have to become community members?

No. Nobody is under any obligation to join Explore as a Community member. They can continue to use the library as they always have.  But becoming a community member would allow you to get more involved and keep more closely in touch with what we are up to.

Are library members automatically community members?

No. Library membership and community membership are separate things. Existing library members will still have to fill in the membership form and will receive a different membership card.

Does it cost anything?

No, membership is free. In the event that Explore was to fail or become bankrupt, then all members have a limited liability of £1.00.

Can children and young people join?

Unfortunately not, community members have to be over 16. However, it is hoped there will an advisory group for Children and Young People, so if any young customers would like to be involved get in touch with Frances

Where will information about community members be stored?

There will be a separate membership database maintained centrally by the company secretary. There will also be a community member email list.  You won’t be able to tell if someone is a community member from looking at their library profile.