From Tuesday 1 May 2018 our charges will be changing.


Two areas we would like to bring to your attention are:-


Overdue items

Charges for overdue items will be 25p per day for adults, there will be no increase in charge for young adults aged 12 – 18 and no charges for children under 12.

You can avoid charges by renewing your books on-line or by phoning any library. We also offer an email or text message reminder service before your books are due for return. Ask staff for details when you next visit. Don’t forget you can return your items to any Explore Library.


Requested items

An admin charge of 25p per reservation will be applied from Tuesday 1 May. This will be payable on collection of the requested item. There will be no admin charge for reservations for children and young adults.


All income received goes back into Explore Libraries and Archives to support the services provided, including the purchase of stock. We would like to thank you for your continued support.


Explore York Libraries and Archives Fees and Charges 2018-19


Books, audiobooks and language courses – adults (over 18)

  • Loan period: 3 weeks
  • Daily charge for overdue items: 25p
  • There are replacement item costs for lost or damaged books charged at the actual book cover price plus £1.00 handling charge

Books, audiobooks and language courses – children (up to 11)

  • Loan period: 3 weeks.
  • Daily charge for overdue items: free.
  • There are replacement item costs for lost or damaged books charged at the actual book cover price plus £1.00 handling charge

Books, audiobooks and language courses – young adults (12 to 17)

  • Loan period: 3 weeks.
  • Daily charge for overdue items: 10p
  • There are replacement item costs for lost or damaged books charged at the actual book cover price plus £1.00 handling Charge

Toy Library

  • Loan period : 3 weeks
  • Hire charge : 50p
  • Overdue items will be subject to the re-hire charge : 50p

Computer use

  • Library members: First two hours free. Additional sessions charged at non-member rate
  • Non-members: £1 per session, which is up to an hour


  • Printing from computers in black and white: 10p
  • Printing from computers in colour: 50p
  • Microfilm/microfiche printing: A4 10p (available at York Explore only)

We have a special offer on homework printing and printing from In both cases the first ten pages are free.


  • A4 (Acomb, Clifton, Tang Hall and York): black & white 10p; and colour 50p
  • A3 (York): black and white 20p; and colour £1


Self service scanning is available without charge at all Explore Centres with Click Print Go


If you want to borrow an item which is on loan to someone else you can request to be put on a waiting list, and we will let you know when it is available. The charge for this service is 25p per item, no charge for children and young adults under 18. You can collect the item at any library.

If you want to request something which is not owned by Explore we can get it from another library service. The charge for this is £12 per item.


Maps and Plans

There is a range of pricing depending on coverage and whether the area is classed by Ordnance Survey as urban or rural.  The most common maps we supply are a close up of the site at 1:500 for £15 (+VAT for digital copies), or a zoomed-out location map of a 4 hectare urban site at 1:1250 for £25 (+ VAT for digital copies).  Full pricing for all options available on request.


Archives and Local History at York Explore

Self-service copying (on-site)

Digital images taken from book scanners, digital camera or microfilm readers: £1 each

Licences for unlimited images from book scanners, digital camera or microfilm readers: £10 per day, £25 per week or £50 per year. Organisations conducting research, such as local history groups, can also apply for an institutional reprographics licence at £100 per year, giving them two annual passes which are transferable between group members.

These charges relate to images taken for personal study only. Additional charges apply for images for publications – please see below.

Printing from microfilm readers:  A4: 10p each
Printing from PCs: A4: 10p each

Staffed copying services (for customers off-site)

Images taken from book scanners, camera or microfilm readers (including Imagine York images) and delivered via file transfer £7 per image plus £5 handling fee per order


Licensing fees for images (for publications etc)

Commercial use: £35 per image

York community groups, not-for-profits and educational textbooks: £13 per image


Certified Copies of Documents ( e.g. vehicle registration charges)

£12 per certified copy, 2nd class UK delivery dispatched within 5 days of enquiry

£15 for delivery outside of the UK.


Additional Items

Archival look-up service 15 minutes free

£15 per 30 minutes (or part) for a paid Archives and Local History research service

£3 per head for group tours of Archives and Local History

£40 per hour (plus expenses) speaker fee for talks

£40 per hour Research Transcription Service (English documents)



Workshop sessions

Local History £30 per person

Family History £30 per person

Keeping your Archives £40 per person (includes a starter kit)


Learning Sessions

Ancestry Plus – one to one session £15 (includes a printed booklet)

Find My Past Plus – one to one session £15 (includes a printed booklet)

Tablets Plus – one to one session £10


6 thoughts on “Changes to fees and charges from Tuesday 1 May

  1. I think that the charge for requesting a book reservation should be reduced or free for pensioners, and that it is unfair to put the charge so high and so suddenly, without any consultation

  2. I am very disappointed to see charges are being introduced for the reservation of a book. I feel this is a backward step. There are many series which need to be read in chronological order and the only way to do this is to have them reserved. This is a service which should be free and encourage people to use the library and its facilities.

    1. The decision to introduce a charge for the request service was not taken lightly.

      We are proud to support the joy of reading and encourage self-development through learning. One way that we have done this has been to provide free requests. But during our annual review of fees and charges we assessed the high admin and delivery cost of providing requests, and took a decision to introduce a small charge for this service as many other public library services do.

      We believe that the 25p charge is a reasonable compromise between no charge at all and the comparable charges made by other library services. All money raised through this charge goes directly to support Explore and helps us deliver our services to the high standard our customers expect.

      We recognise the many potential impacts of introducing this charge and understand that this change will affect our customers who make use of the request service. We will be monitoring the impacts of this decision very closely over the coming months.

      Thanks again for taking the time to contact us. We really value your feedback and your comments will be taken into account in our discussions.

  3. Unfortunately this is a sign of the times as with lots of services.
    I feel sure that this was not a decision made lightly. Compared to some other public libraries the charge is reasonable and personally, as a retired person, I do not expect a consession.
    However, it will be interesting to see if the charges have a negative effect on the numbers of books issued over a year.

  4. Hello, I borrow some books using my card for my baby and some youth. But unfortunately I was late to renew them and found that I need to pay the fine. From 19 items that I borrowed, 14 books is baby’s book and young adults, but why the fine for all of the books is the same : 25p? I thought it should be 10p for the young books and 0p for baby’s books, am I right?

    1. Hello Zara. If you took out all the books on an adult’s library ticket this would be the reason. Babies, children and young people can have their own library tickets and any fines are charged according to the ticket type, not the type of book. If you talk to staff at your local library they will be happy to issue the children’s tickets and sort out this problem for you.

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